A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

The full version of the game is planned for September, 2020 and beta test version in early 2020 (reserved for the Adventurer and Villager backers)!

Play Robin, who, after a long travel, discovers the village of Whellcum. But there is something strange about this place... Only gay villagers... you hear about a tyrant king... What's going on here?  

You quickly have to help the villagers, build your own house and discover the Whellcum's secret by many erotic and funny situations! 

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY... you can collect underwears from the villagers to SNIFF THEM! Sniffing underwears allows you to relive the hottest memories the previous owner has experienced.



ANDROID VERSION (1.8, OpenGL 3 or later required) 75 MB

Development log


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i can translate it into dutch


very fun to play it. hope I can buy it in 2020


Hello! I'm glad to play this game. I would like to help to translate into Russian. Such nice graphics and music and ***cks!


God i love this game. Period.

Looking forward to the game's release


Just one question... 

When you release the game will it be free to buy? 


Where do i download the openGL 3 because i dont know where or how to download it please help


Why september 2020 ? Why it's too late please tell me about i can't wait it . 


How do you download OpenGl3 on mobile Android? Help will be greatly appreciated UwU

This game has potential o-o


I'll admit I was looking more for something gay and romantic and was hesitant on this, but I'm so glad I gave it a try. It's actually made me chuckle at some parts and I love how it's not as straight lined as some of my other suggested games. Really looking forward to this!

For now are there only three underwears for android?


This game is so hot I love it ! And It's french translated too thanks to you ! Any possibilities to get the game free when it's over ? Introducing some advertising for instance ?

Hi, I need help.  Download the Android version and also download OpenGl3 but the black screen is still the same.  What else can I do to play the Android version?


If this game is released is it going to be free or it will have a payment? Cause i'm really excited about the full game, please release this game for free cause i know some gamers would loved to downloads this game too


odds are it won't be free

It's so exciting, and I really want the woodcutter.

sad i missed the kickstarter!! i'm excited for this to come out

Im trying to play on android but, every thing is black! Maybe i need OpenGL 3 but i dont know where To get it... Please help me!!!


In android game close before first screen what can i do ?

Do you have OpenGL3 or later? If yes, probably a RAM issue

hi im not seeing how much the game is

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Please include a Linux Version, too (Android is pretty close to that already, but would be even cooler to have Linux included, too, since Linux is the future of Gaming anyway - Google Stadia Cloud Gaming is based on Vulkan ;-)  ). I've just researched a bit about Linux Versions for Unity and they seem to at least have had one - but the last post about it I found from 2015 on an Ubuntu-Community Site.  In WINE (the Windows Compatibility Layer for Linux - "W"ine "I"s "N"o "E"mulator! ;-P - the Unity-based Games I've tried so far, seem to suffer a few glitches - particularly when trying to move the Window when played in Windows and the Fullscreen doesn't really process correctly in terms of covering the full-screen, unfortunately, but Gameplay seemed to be pretty smooth unless clicking outside of the Window unfortunately, then it freezes and has to be closed and restarted in order to work.

I've installed the current WINE Version so far, but am a Newbie when it comes to setting/changing any configurations of the Compatibility Layer yet. So, I might be able to fix it with the Demo, but I'd still love to see a native Linux Version.

I'm sooo looking forward to this Game.

Hello Samapatti! Thank you very much for this feedback, I don't know if we're going to make a Linux version yet, but it's good to know

Second the request for Linux compatibility. The Godot engine might me a good alternative to Unity; cross-porting is supposed to be much easier

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It seems, that Unity3D Editor (not sure if it allows also to export for Linux-Platform though) is now officially supported for Linux, too - as it was reported at the Unity3D Blog at the End of May.

I'd be curious, whether or not Unity itself - regardless on which platform you create - now supports also to easily port it to Linux-native Systems, as "abnormalplayground" 's suggested "Godot" Development Platform does.

Oh, I just found this interesting Thread in the Game Development Forums, that shows, that it should be fairly easy to just install Linux Platform Support on Unity. What do you think/say? - Sounds pretty easy to me, if that works fine/properly and doesn't need any special "adjustments",  that cost loads and loads of more working hours, of course.

Can i play it on my iphone ?


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does my iphone need anything to play it ???

Hello Korato, you need OpenGL3 or later to play.

the update, what was added O.o

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Yeah, what was?


Hello Hyou vizer, this was just an optimization for the players having crash issues. We notified it but it seems doesn't appear in the development log... I'm sorry.

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Can't play the game. When I click new game and choose a file, nothing happens. On Windows 

But I can assure you that the title screen is fun to play so 10/10

Hello Lonkichi. Could you give a try with the lastest version?


I just discovered the demo for Android, and just WOW.  Good job guys! Just blown away, and I would've totally contributed to the kick starter, but it looks like I'm too late! Anyway just wanted to say that I'm a software engineer for 12 years now and if chewy needs help with development I would totally help for 100% free!  Let me know how I can contact you if you could use help and I can provide you my linked in profile 😁. I am a seasoned .net developer and have delved into Java and others! I work a lot but I'm usually free on weekends to help.  Great work!


Hello GayDev3, thank you very much for your comment, it always warms our hearts to see such love for our game!

As for your offer to help developping the game, It's very nice of you! For the moment, everything is going smoothly, but if we need some help, we'll make sure to ask! Thank you very much!!

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No problem, keep up the good work! C'est tres magnifique!


I don't know what it is about this game, but my computer can play it no matter how hard I try. I will be able to do some things then when it gets to a loading screen, it just shuts down. To be honest, it's probably my computer's fault but if you have any idea on how to fix it please tell me. From the limited amount of stuff that I saw, it looked good and I would be interested in playing the full demo. Thank you


Hello DeathByCrane, we have discovered memory optimization issues that we will solve for the next version of the demo. We are sorry

That's ok. I just wanted to know what the issue was. Now that I know, I'll make sure to look out for the updated demo and get it once it is made available.


Hi beautiful ones,

so I have a few notes of constructive criticism which you may or may not want to address and may or may not want to read lol!  It's a great game so this is meant purely to produce the finest product possible.  Sorry in advance if you don't prefer getting this type of communication.

1.  In briefs sniffing scenes, the sound effects for the quick jerk off (the medium/fast speed) has a strange echo to it when wearing headphones.  Just not a great sound effect in general.

2.  The volume levels of all foley and VA work are not consistent which can be a bit jarring.

3.  The mini-game with Hubert is great but I do think it would be better if you did some work on his facial expressions changing (sometimes he's completely blank which is weird) and more VA work of grunts and moans as the clothes come off.  Also a money shot animation for winning/completing the game would be preferred as a reward.  Plus I feel like the work you're during is naturally building to that explosive climax and then it doesn't happen and changes to a new scene and the energy is totally wasted.  I.e. getting blue balls lol.  And yes I understand you have an animation afterward with the jerking and blowing scene and that should FULLY still be there, but I do believe having more money shots than less will be fun for folks.

4.  Speaking of that scene w/ Hubert, again more VA grunts/moans.  This really helps with the overall sex being hot and JO-worthy.

Cool so that was a lot from me, mea culpa if you don't care.  I do want to say though if you appreciated my opinions and if you ever need help in future for the Beta test I would be over the moon happy to help.  I have a keen eye for detail and am thorough in my work and love bara dude games!!!

Great game and I am so looking forward to the finished product, beautiful peoples  :3

Thank you so much for your notes thefluffycottontail :) actually the game is changing a lot, we will try to take into account most of your remarks

I hope it game can play more time,  but I don't like DEMO game,  I will wait it can play more 

  I hope one day to have a legend in Brazilian Portuguese,
I do not know if it's right, because I used google translate.S2

Would be awesome, for the release we will keep the english and french translation, but maybe later!



Weird but awesome game!!! Can't wait for the full version. :)

Thanks :)


September 2020 it so far away We want a closer history for Android users Will the game be free or do not wish to be free because it is a very wonderful game and I hope to see the work for you other than this game is not a requirement to be a Will the game be free or do not wish to be free because it is a very wonderful game and I hope to see the work for you other than this game is not a requirement to be a Sex game I wish you success and please reply quickly. Thank you


I hope we could update a new version of the demo during the beta testing

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Off to a  fun and sexy start, the art style is  a lot of fun and sexy! Wish I'd  know about it when it was being  kickstarted. FYI I noticed  some occassional scanline isses when running the game via the Itch client that  I didn't have  when I installed the game seperately. I know it's a demo but thought you  might want too know. :-) (WIndows 10 and the game is  installed outside  of  Program Files in both cases).

Thank you for telling us :)

Is BERYLLUS also will be available in steam?.can't wait for the full version/update:).hope the demo/full version  be updated soon:)

Thank you H.D.N Mist :) Maybe as a DLC, but we are not sure about it

Im on Android and have the correct open GL and it still kicks me off at the start with the gaurds and the book 

This is probably because the RAM of your device, but we will fix it for the next update

Damn missed the kickstarter. Demo looks really good. Can't wait for the release. ^_^

Will there be an updated demo some time in future?  A whole year of waiting is just too long lol :)


And not just a whole year! A whole year and a half!


Hello J-Raythalos, maybe after the beta test development (we do not have the exact date of the release) , but we are not sure about it.


Gotcha. I personally think it's a good way to keep the fans engaged. Or maybe you can share some of the minor details along the course of your game dev.

Why i cant play demo app on android??  It always force close even i open the app

Hello Ardani, you need OpenGL3 or later to play

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