A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

Follow our progress on Twitter: https://twitter.com/robmorningwood

The full version of the game is planned for September, 2020 and beta test version in early 2020 (reserved for the Adventurer and Villager backers)!

Play Robin, who, after a long travel, discovers the village of Whellcum. But there is something strange about this place... Only gay villagers... you hear about a tyrant king... What's going on here?  

You quickly have to help the villagers, build your own house and discover the Whellcum's secret by many erotic and funny situations! 

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY... you can collect underwears from the villagers to SNIFF THEM! Sniffing underwears allows you to relive the hottest memories the previous owner has experienced.



ANDROID VERSION (1.8, OpenGL 3 or later required) 75 MB

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El juego va a ser libre dime sí


Can't wait for this one!


Check out this AWESOME hentai game! It released a few days ago and the art-style is amazing.

Play it here, CLICK


would buy this. The writing is funny and looking forward to play the full version.


If it free i will play it sure. I

Plz free


Hi! Have you already played the beta version of Hentai World? If no, then do it now.

Here is the link, CLICK!


links not available - "Website Deleted"


Ican‘t play the gane

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Nice Game, keep up the great work :) I would like to support ur project, but i haven't very much money. If u need a new awesome website made with angular, I would help u only for reference.


Please let the full version be free!!!!


I love the demo, and i'm waiting for the full version. But will be free or not?

wish I could've been a backer will there be a exclusive version for sale

This looks SOOO good, the demo is incredibly short though.


I wanna see a Ps4 and full PC release! Wish I coulda been a backer!


Guys Im so into this game, cant wait for the full thing.


I played the demo, and I'm very looking forward to the full version! Too bad I found this game so late, I really want to be a supporter and backer of this game.

There were twins and brothers so I wonder if there would be some incestuous scenes, by any chance? Even if it's not, it would be still an awesome game tho.


Por que  no la puedo abrir??


sounds like a hot game to wank on lmao


OMG amazing game! I like the idea of collecting underwear. Also i could translate the game into russian and\or ukrainian.


Thank you Yankudza :)

So can i translate it for you?)

I can't wait for the new demo/full release of these game on steam W/ android version :) ...i hope it will be released not or b4 September;)..no pressure.


I could translate the game into german

nope im vn

Thanks Dario!

Can you release the official version on January 1, 2020?



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i can translate it into dutch

Thank you Kipkaas


very fun to play it. hope I can buy it in 2020

Glad you liked it :)


Hello! I'm glad to play this game. I would like to help to translate into Russian. Such nice graphics and music and ***cks!

Thank you!


God i love this game. Period.

Thank you Banana! The new demo will be much more richer.


Looking forward to the game's release


Just one question... 

When you release the game will it be free to buy? 


Where do i download the openGL 3 because i dont know where or how to download it please help


Why september 2020 ? Why it's too late please tell me about i can't wait it . 

Because we are a two-persons team, having a job, needing to sleep :3


How do you download OpenGl3 on mobile Android? Help will be greatly appreciated UwU

This game has potential o-o


I'll admit I was looking more for something gay and romantic and was hesitant on this, but I'm so glad I gave it a try. It's actually made me chuckle at some parts and I love how it's not as straight lined as some of my other suggested games. Really looking forward to this!

Glad you liked it!

For now are there only three underwears for android?

Yes, only 3


This game is so hot I love it ! And It's french translated too thanks to you ! Any possibilities to get the game free when it's over ? Introducing some advertising for instance ?


Hi, I need help.  Download the Android version and also download OpenGl3 but the black screen is still the same.  What else can I do to play the Android version?


If this game is released is it going to be free or it will have a payment? Cause i'm really excited about the full game, please release this game for free cause i know some gamers would loved to downloads this game too


odds are it won't be free

It's so exciting, and I really want the woodcutter.

sad i missed the kickstarter!! i'm excited for this to come out

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