A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

Play Robin, who, after a long travel, discovers the village of Whellcum. But there is something strange about this place... Only gay villagers... you hear about a tyrant king... What's going on here?  

You quickly have to help the villagers, build your own house and discover the Whellcum's secret by many erotic and funny situations! 

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY... you can collect underwears from the villagers to SNIFF THEM! Sniffing underwears allows you to relive the hottest memories the previous owner has experienced.



ANDROID VERSION (1.71, OpenGL 3 or later required) 78 MB

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Oh, we need to pay the game for play the full game ? (I know you use your personnal time for making the game, it's just a simple question).

How can I buy this game? I am a Thailand person and I like or use the word love now with this game maybee you can put on the steam

Hello Chocolak, you can support us on Kickstarter for the full game https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/738039225/robin-morningwood-adventure . Host on Steam seems impossible because our NSFW content, but you will find our full game version here!


Steam lifted the ban on NSFW games some time ago. (I bought To trust an Incubus and the game is uncensored and very graphic)

So I think you should look into selling  the game via Steam.

Ok ok thank you, we didn't know

when can I play the REAL GAME I'm tired of playing the demo

Hello Gaymer69, we launched a Kickstarter for a full version development! You can support us here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/738039225/robin-morningwood-adventure

What is the meaning of physical game?

Hello Youdil, this is the CD version of the game.

How do i buy this game? Im from Brazil and if this game will cust 22 euros here will be 103$. I waited too long for this game :(

We are sorry :(


i dont know if these can called as a bug. i intentionally failed at hulbert's task at my first try. than succceed in the 2nd try. the 1 st try of course i wont get any underwear, but in the 2nd one, i get the underwear but no notif from system after i suck his D just the coin notif. And the second problem, the android version kinda stuck when i procced to the after-scene of the general ("grant" if im not wrong) it will turn black but the sounds stiil up. it happen when i'm doing it in the 2nd save. Xiaomi Redmi 5a btw. Sorry, i have no knowledge on programming or even gaming.

ah, the first problem was when i playing in windows version. i'm not sure, but ithink my windows was 8

Thank you for warned us!

wow I just finished playing the demo for Mac and I gotta say I loved it it was a lot of fun to play and was super sexy as well I can't wait for another update i had come across this not to long ago and saw it and was really hoping that'd be for Mac some time because from what I saw it looked like it was going to be great and it really was the scenes were so well animated and super sexy as well hope that we can collect more underwear sometime soon and  I hope that your project goes well and well get another update sometime soon and the update will be featured for Mac as well and I can play it!

Happy you like it! We plan to make the full version for Mac too btw :)

thats great looking forward to it ill be sure to be look on out if theres going to be an update for the demo again will there end up being one any time soon?

Unfortunately we don't plan to update the demo before the release of the full version :|

loooove this game! cant wait the full version. how can i support you by donating or something?

Hello PinkDG, you can support us during our Kickstarter campaign starting from the 15th of this month :)

Of course will BTW are you two developers couple? :))


Yup :)

What will the price this game?

Hello Tanocraft, the price of the game will be 22 euros.

Already love this game! <3
Will definitely be helping out with the kickstarter! ^_^

Thank you Daisy Chains!

How can I support the game? Can I make a donation or something?

Hello Eltonerdmann, you can support us during our Kickstarter campaign starting from the January 15th ;)


I've just seen your game and it's so awesome !! Cute & hot. Love the ambient music, the sound effect & the smooth animations.  I look forward to seeing what Full/Final version will look like.

Glad you like it :)


I look forward to the next update. when do you have it programmed ??? I love the demo


Hello AveViHz, depending of the Kickstarter result, we planned a full version of the game for 2020.


will tghere be a mac version?

Hello Mori Lynx, we are thinking about it.

ok thank you for your time :D


I've tried it with wine-3.0.2 on 10.14.2 and everything seems to work just fine. So maybe getting a Mac Version shouldn't be a big hassle.

Available now :)


Another bug i found that is if you click new game on a save file with a game that has already been started it will ask if you are sure and it will say yes or no but in french.

(1 edit) (+1)

I think i found a bug, I have 3 save files each with a different amount of money and everytime I start one of my save files my money will be increased for example when i go to my 1st save file I'll have 225 coins but when i go into my second save file and then go back to my first save file I'll have 290 coins.

Edit: Also if I save my game then quit to the menu then start continue my game again my coins will have doubled.

Hello IceCreamFox, thank you for warned us!

and also im on android so...yeah.


but i really like ur games :D

hey...i really dont know anything about GL's so ok i give up i dont know how to open gl3.0

hey i just found out i have opengl 2.0


You need OpenGl 3.0 or later to play. Or you can also install the windows version ;)


finally was able to play the game and I loved it, and the scenes were so 'Ahem'.... Good, yeah they were good.

still not working... lol


OpenGL 3 or later is required. Do you have it?

im still not satisfied watching the uncensored one (the video) .

Actually the first part is good when he arrives at the whelcumm village , he was tested and that.........the next part..is really great.......ur game is good...

i cant play it... It opens... But when i click the first chapter it loads but it all turns black... What should i do i really want to play it... Please help


Please try to install the lastest android version (RMA_V1.71).

Is this censored?


It's uncensored game ~(^з^)-♡

Im still waiting for the update .. Fix the bug quickly (・´з`・)


Hello Dieheartz, you have to know that we have a full time job and our developer is really doing his possible during his free time to fix those issues, but obviously we cannot test on every phone model and every version at a time, so please excuse us for waiting.

It's okay.. I got it (=∩_∩=)フ


Please try to install the lastest android version (RMA_V1.71).


cool... I've finished the demo.. I cant wait for the full version xD.. 

Will be the kickstarter version free? Or will i need to pay for play?


Hello Zerocriatividade156, the full version of the game will not be free.

(1 edit)

Can't play game, tells me windows smartscreen blocked suspicious stuff?


Hello Rikarika12, did you try to click there?

I really loved the game and i'm horny anxious for the next version of the game.
Congratulations to the developer and illustrator of the game <3

Thank you ****Lover!

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