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Can't play game, tells me windows smartscreen blocked suspicious stuff?


Hello Rikarika12, did you try to click there?

I really loved the game and i'm horny anxious for the next version of the game.
Congratulations to the developer and illustrator of the game <3

Thank you ****Lover!


I just recently finished the demo

I can't wait the full version 😏


Wonderful game, will play updated versions.



Hot scenes, hot characters, this is just genius, I see so much potential. I'm completely in love with the game as it is. Looking forward to the full version!

Tell me if you'd like your game translated to Brazilian Portuguese, as I'm fluent and would love to help ♥

Thank you Mr. Kitty ^^

How much will the full game cost? And will it be available for free download on first day of upload if cost?

great game, loving the scenes ;)

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Hello Marcuss18, the price will be 22 euros. We don't plan to make it for free on first day of upload, I'm sorry :/ Happy you liked the game!

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Full version is free download for Android? 


Hello Kojirosarsaki, we don't plan to make the full version for free

Would you consider making sex scenes interactive as opposed to animation loops?

Hello. We planned to add some interactive scenes during the story but we gonna keep the loops for all the gallery 




i dont many to sound stupid but how do i get the updated games, i see that you updated it 1 day ago, i have no idea how this site works for updates. any info will help

Hello Infaursa, we are also new here actually, but our recent updates were just for fixing some issues on some phone models, we don't plan to add any real content in the demo.

what do these recent updates do exactly?

Hello Hyou vizer, we just trying to fix some issues on some phone models, there is no new content :|

so just a hotfix for mobile version then. I'm sure you can mention these things your game's devlogs whats changed when updating it. Saves trouble replying to everybody. 


You must be right, I did not see it when I updated it, I'll pay more attention next time (just as I didn't know it will send a notification to our followers). Thank you!


Hey Grizzly!

Is there any new content in this update  (v1.7)? 

Hey! Not any new content, I'm sorry.

Oh no apologies necessary sir!  I was just trying it out and couldn't tell if I was accidentally loading v1.6 or if I was doing something else wrong or what have you X)

Can someone please help! My game keeps kicking me out and I don't know why?


Hello Zane. Did you use an android? If yes, which model it is?

We are sorry, there are some issues with some android models that we are trying to fix.

yes, its an Android, its the Samsung Galaxy On5

Hello Zane, we just uploaded a new android version to fix those RAM issues, hope it will help you!

I finished the demo last night and I need the full game! There will any more complete demo this year? Loved your work and sorry for my terrible english s2

Hello Nico, thank you for your message!

We don't plan to make another version of the demo this year.

Ok, I will wait for the full game next year :)

I finished the demo and I loved the game, in which social medias can I follow the development of the game? And when there will be another version of it?

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Hello Nitoventus, glad you liked the demo :)

You can follow our progress on our Tumblr (NSFW until the 17th December) :

And very recently, on our Twitter (NSFW) :

We plan to make a full version of the game for September 2020 depending of our Kickstarter result.


Downloaded the game but it won't play keeps kicking me out. Am I missing something.

Hello Pulo. Did you use an android? If yes, which model it is?

We have some issues on the phone version that we trying to fix, but the Windows one should work well.

oh ok well once I get my computer out of storage I'll have to download the windows version it looks like a fun game

I know that this might seem a bit too cheaty and redundant at this point, but could you perhaps create a guide for the demo? I would love to check what it contains.
For example, you mentioned that affinity points will allow unlocking an ending and obtaining another underwear from a character. Is this currently available with Hubert?

Hello LustfulDjinn, thank you for your suggestion. Actually, we made a playthrough of the demo, you can watch 99% of the demo content (search "Robin Morningwood" on Youtube for the censored version or Vimeo for the NSFW version), hope it will help you.

We are sorry for this misunderstanding, we just wanted to show how you can raise your affinity with a villager, but this is the very beginning of the game and you cannot unlock its ending yet.

I see, thank you. I am really excited for the game's first release :)

I loved the demo and very much look forward to seeing what this game turns out to be. I wish you all the best with your Kickstarter campaign! I have a couple of questions about gameplay, if you don't mind.

- Could you please explain what affinity points with individual characters are supposed to be for? Will there be multiple intimate scenes per character which unlock as we build up affinity, or would players need to accumulate a certain number of these points to unlock some items and such? 

- Do you plan to include combat in the game? I ask because when the blacksmith introduces himself in the demo, he hints he would repair equipment in the future. Was that just for the sake of flavour, or do you intend to implement be some actual RPG elements?

Hello Kirillsasin, thank you for your message!

- Affinity points will allow you to unlock an ending with this character, and by this way, have another underwear from him.

- Items and equipment will be necessary to advance the story (quests and house building), we don't plan to add any combat in the game at this moment.

Help!Maybe something wrong,I can't continue the story.I just finished the work for Hubert.

Probably becouse it is a demo?? :D

But I downloaded here!

Anyway,thanks a lot!

Yes,it it a demo.But what should I do?I love it so much!

Me either, but the game isnt done yet

Oh,I see.Thanks a lot!

Hello Macrophilia, sorry for this late answer. Yes, It is a demo version :)

Hello there. I can't download the game as apk. even if I download the game does not open. please help me if there is another version from the demo version.

Sorry to read that... Some phone models ask to disable protection for some apps installation, it could be that?

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Enjoying the game very much so far!  Just wanted to say my two cents on the "similar character designs", I very much like your character designs the way they are!

Thank you fun'n'fancy, that's encouraging!

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its just started but i already love the game, i can tell that the game creates put a lot of thought and soul in to this game, and i can see that there can be so many good things that the game creates can do with this, and the story line seem like it can be some trilling stuff and not just because its full of naked gay men. 

p.s - it would be so hot to have some rough and growlly male voice for the charterers dialog. 

Thank you infaursa! We did our best... :)

when's the new full version

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Hello warlionbear, depending of our Kickstarter campaign we plan to have a full version for September 2020.

oh no that's so long.... i cannot wait that long

I love this game! It's so great and I'm gonna be looking forward to the next updates. Keep up the great work!

Happy you like it :)


The game will have several endings? Any shota in the game?

Yes, we will have several endings! We don't plan to integrate any shota.

it would be nice if you make the characters more different as all of the have the same body shape 

this game is so hot but it is cooler when i can change information, body of character. ^v^

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Hello Teen1978, unfortunately this feature will be not available because all the drawings that would ask to done. But thank you very much for your suggestion :)

Loved the demo. I played it on my Galaxy S8. I wanted to play this on my chromebook, though, and to do so i would have to put it into developer mode. Will you have a browser based version of the game? 

Also noted were in the blacksmith shop the background kept flashing, and in the alley with the bandit, there was no background at all. During the mini-game with the postmaster/inkeeper, the part where he gets down to his boxers (noticed in a screenshot on this page) didn't show, only the top 1/4 of his head. Otherwise great :) Love games like this. 

I do agree with a previous poster, though - These guys seem great but I'd love to see more diversity with the characters. Different body types, ethnicities, body hair levels, ages, ect.  

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Hello Blueneptune146,

Thank you for this feedback, could you tell us the device you used to have all these issues?

I'm sorry if you're not happy with our characters. We are working on different body types, it's planned to have more chubby and bulky ones. 

This game looks great! I'd love to be a tester if you need one.

Thank you Nick!

Are you planing to release small updates over time or the full game in a few months (years?) when it's ready?


Hello Art926, we planned a Kickstarter campaign for 15 January 2019  for a game release in June 2020! You can have more informations on our Tumblr

Good bois good game



This is a really promising game, I like it so far, but I have 2 critiques.

First I think the minigame is a tad too long, especially for how simple it is. Cutting the lenght by like a third or even more could be nice.

And second, I feel like the characters lack diversity. They look very similar. I feel like it could be good to shake them up a bit, like maybe make the King (I guess I havent really seen him yet) a bit more chubby and old, the bandit could be a bit more on the lean side and the Blacksmith a bit more bulky. That would kinda be the stereotypes for those characters I guess. Your call.

But other than that I love it!

Hello DerMiau02, thank you very much for this feedback, I really appreciate it. 

We haven't tested the other minigames that we would integrate, and we wanted to keep the same lenght for both, we'll maybe cut it for the final version.

I totally agree with you, I'm working on this diversity (even if every characters will have a muscular bodytype, It's planned to have more chubby and bulky ones).

Thank you again, and we glad you liked the demo :) 

when's the next version coming out i want to continue playing this game

Hello Warlionbear, we planned a final version for June, 2020 depending of the result of the Kickstarter

that's so long....!  i can't wait that long !?  oh man oh well  

the game is going to be free or we go to pay? I loved so much it's perfect, very good and I loved the characters, they are so cute

Hello RaphaAngel. Thank you, we are happy you liked the game :) Yes, the full version will no be free, we planned a Kickstarter to make it actually

Super fun! Can't wait for the full release! Is there an expected time frame for the full release of the game?
Also, you should include your social media links in the description so more people can check it out. It's definitely a game worth seeing!

Thank you!  We don't have a specific date because we are making it in our freetime, sorry. I just added the social media links, thank you for that good advice :)


the game crashes when loading after going to sleep (playing on Xperia m4 android v6.1)

Thank you for warning us, we gonna work to try to fix it. We are sorry

I really love this game, when will it get finished ? I'm so excited to play the complete version of the game !


Thank you for playing :) we don't have a specific date yet because all the work to done, but we are thinking about a Kickstater campaign soon to achieve it.

I have download the android version, but I can't play the game! It's not working!

I'm sorry to hear that :/ the game should work on android 4.1 and above, but obviously we cannot test it on every device, it would help if you give us any information on your phone?

Its a Sansung J2 prime, android 6.0.1

I play up to the guards part, but when I enter inside the kingdom the game stops running.

Thank you for warned us

Hello Jillozin, we just uploaded a new android version to fix those RAM issues, hope it will help you!

Love it! So much sex and humor!)

Glad you liked it :)

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