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pretty much the best concept i've experienced for a game of this type, i love it! i wish it could be released way sooner though but still great a work, also really great job with music, big ups!

Thank you Okcuck, glad you liked the demo :)

How much is this game gonna cost ;)

Hello GZSZ, 22 euros.

Hi there, 

I just realised the kick-start has closed on the there any way I can still contribute to fund the project? Please tell me yes! 

Hello ManuelCau92, we are sorry but you cannot contribute anymore. Thank you anyway for your support :)




Cool the kickstater is finish.ahm asking aside.if these game should be available on it Censord or uncesord.maybe a file should be change some How..hope it will be also available on Android,if these game will be on STEAM. Tnx:)

when will it be available for Android I've been waiting since New Year's for this Game.

Hello Gaymer69, we planned a full version for September, 2020.

Hello H.D.N! The game will be available on Steam and on android ;)

So can I play it on Android



Coooool ! can't wait for more <3 much love from France 

Merci :)


This is really great, when can I play the full version?

Hello ittokik, we launched a Kickstarter for the development of the full version :) 

I like this game& wanna see the fullll game.

Hello sc_6636, we launched a Kickstarter if you want to support us for a full game!


I Love It please MAKE the update soon 

Everytime i start the game there a blank screen.

Hello Arche4569, did you play on android? (OpenGL3 or later is required)

just tried android and I'm having a similar issue where it shows the logo, fades to black, then crashes after a while. I have OpenGl3, so I don't know why this is happening :/

The android works fine on my phone, its the windows verison that giving me problems.

why I can't do anything to another guys


Hello Anhtutq2005, because this is a demo version.


i want play the fullversion of the Robin morningwood. where i can buy the fullversion of this game?

Hello Blablablubbs, we launched a Kickstarter to develop a full version of the game! You can preorder it (with one more exclusive character) here


Congratulations on your kickstater..i hope in the near future this game will be available on STEAM(with Android Version)it just i can't afford a card..but nice game and very promising.looking forward to it:)

Thank you H.D.N Mist :)


When is the game coming out

Hello Habooj, since the success of our Kickstarter, we planned a full version for September 2020 now!


I'm so glad the kickstarter is Almost at its goal, with 15 days to go.

However, why not use Patreon for later updates instead of a kickstarter all-or-nothing? The stretch goals for example: the additional characters. You could make additional income, in exchange for new updates over time (once the game is done). People love that.

Also.. the "actor voices" in the description of the kickstarter mean character voice effects right? Complete voiceover would make it hella awkward and a strange way to funnel funds.


Hello Andovaren! Thank you very much for your suggestion, we had the same idea for the additional characters and the Patreon :) But as you say, let's make the main game first!

About the actor voices, we are talking about the voice (some words) you can hear during the Hubert mini game in the demo (we will take a different actor for every "job villager") and the moanings during the hot scenes. Sorry for this misunderstanding.

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This Game looks all too cool. Can't wait to test drive it. hahahaha. 

I'm new to game development myself but don't have any mates who share or understand this passion. So one often has to search the net for help and inspiration.  The games here on itch seem to be Indie like (Whatever that means).  How does one like myself get in touch and collaborate with developers such as yourself ? I live in South Africa by the way, so we cannot meet at Disneyland for brainstorming. Please help a brother out, you might save a life. My new Dream is to build a Game that I could showcase to the world. 

Hello Kidzo, thank you! I think you can easily talk to the developers from here for a collaboration, whatever the kind of game you want to create. We took part to the Bara jam and the community from seems so nice! There is also for indie developers, but I don't know it very well. Actually I met Chewy on Grindr, so we are maybe not the best example ;)

Is this game still under development? I really hope so! If so, I'll support it as soon as I get paid!

(P.S. lovely hotties you've made~)

(P.P.S. If ya'll need help, I can help! I'm a Lead Creative developer in a game, and I'd be happy to help  ^^;)

Hello xCatchino! Thank you for your support :) depending of our Kickstarter, the development will resume in february!

Your game is incredible!  Not only is it adorable, simple, and fun to play, but it is SERIOUSLY HOT.  Amazing scenes, and the underwear sniffing idea is pure genius.  The world you have created is great, and all the characters are gorgeous, sexy, and interesting (or they will be I'm sure).

You boys have a real winner on your hands, I will be donating for sure!  Can't wait for the final product.

One thing I might recommend: a rewind feature a la other dating sims?  Or at least a dialogue log or something you can reference.  I appreciate these sorts of features in case you want to re-read a bit of scene or something.

Oh and the mail-sorting mini-game was actually fun and hot.  A really tricky thing to pull off.  Faps off to you!  ;)

Hi Rotototoro, Thank you so much, it's always a delight to read comment like yours!

We are not planning to add a rewind feature, but the dialogue log is definitely a good idea. We'll add it to the full game if we have enough time :)

yay!  I'm sure it'd be appreciated.  :)


umm sorry to ask but if i give money will i get the game staright away?


Hello Sharnghan, actually the money will allow us to develop a full version of the game. The release is planned for September, 2020

The windows firewall goes crazy on the installer. Why is that?

Hello jTiKey, you can ignore this Windows firewall alert safely, we bet it happens due to the use of an unofficial installer.


Is there a way to support(buy) your game.example like in steam? .i don't have a card for using only android phone.hope there is other way.thanks

Hello H.D.N Mist. The only way to support us at this moment is by our Kickstarter :/

are we able to buy it now?

Hello Sharnghan, we just launched a Kickstarter to develop a full version of the game :)


I played demo version yesterday. It's good. I like this:3

Will the full version be free in the future?

Hello Sethed, the game will not be free if we release it.

Oh, we need to pay the game for play the full game ? (I know you use your personnal time for making the game, it's just a simple question).

Hi TheBlackDuke, well yes, If the game is founded it won't be free when it will be released. (out of respect for our Kickstarter backers ;) )

How can I buy this game? I am a Thailand person and I like or use the word love now with this game maybee you can put on the steam

Hello Chocolak, you can support us on Kickstarter for the full game . Host on Steam seems impossible because our NSFW content, but you will find our full game version here!


Steam lifted the ban on NSFW games some time ago. (I bought To trust an Incubus and the game is uncensored and very graphic)

So I think you should look into selling  the game via Steam.


Ok ok thank you, we didn't know

I'd encourage posting the game on Steam as well, it would garner you a following which could lead to more prosperous game developments in the future. (DLC would also be very appreciated. ;) )

when can I play the REAL GAME I'm tired of playing the demo

Hello Gaymer69, we launched a Kickstarter for a full version development! You can support us here

What is the meaning of physical game?

Hello Youdil, this is the CD version of the game.

How do i buy this game? Im from Brazil and if this game will cust 22 euros here will be 103$. I waited too long for this game :(

We are sorry :(


i dont know if these can called as a bug. i intentionally failed at hulbert's task at my first try. than succceed in the 2nd try. the 1 st try of course i wont get any underwear, but in the 2nd one, i get the underwear but no notif from system after i suck his D just the coin notif. And the second problem, the android version kinda stuck when i procced to the after-scene of the general ("grant" if im not wrong) it will turn black but the sounds stiil up. it happen when i'm doing it in the 2nd save. Xiaomi Redmi 5a btw. Sorry, i have no knowledge on programming or even gaming.

ah, the first problem was when i playing in windows version. i'm not sure, but ithink my windows was 8

Thank you for warned us!

wow I just finished playing the demo for Mac and I gotta say I loved it it was a lot of fun to play and was super sexy as well I can't wait for another update i had come across this not to long ago and saw it and was really hoping that'd be for Mac some time because from what I saw it looked like it was going to be great and it really was the scenes were so well animated and super sexy as well hope that we can collect more underwear sometime soon and  I hope that your project goes well and well get another update sometime soon and the update will be featured for Mac as well and I can play it!

Happy you like it! We plan to make the full version for Mac too btw :)

thats great looking forward to it ill be sure to be look on out if theres going to be an update for the demo again will there end up being one any time soon?

Unfortunately we don't plan to update the demo before the release of the full version :|

loooove this game! cant wait the full version. how can i support you by donating or something?

Hello PinkDG, you can support us during our Kickstarter campaign starting from the 15th of this month :)

Of course will BTW are you two developers couple? :))


Yup :)

What will the price this game?

Hello Tanocraft, the price of the game will be 22 euros.

Already love this game! <3
Will definitely be helping out with the kickstarter! ^_^

Thank you Daisy Chains!

How can I support the game? Can I make a donation or something?

Hello Eltonerdmann, you can support us during our Kickstarter campaign starting from the January 15th ;)


I've just seen your game and it's so awesome !! Cute & hot. Love the ambient music, the sound effect & the smooth animations.  I look forward to seeing what Full/Final version will look like.

Glad you like it :)


I look forward to the next update. when do you have it programmed ??? I love the demo


Hello AveViHz, depending of the Kickstarter result, we planned a full version of the game for 2020.

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