New demo available for PC

Finally, here is the new demo!

After the kickstarter campaign, we release this new demo, that changed significantly since the original game last year.

You'll find 3 minigames and the battle system as well as 3 new merchants, and new underwears to sniff.

We hope you will all like the new version of the game.


Jan 10, 2020

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How do you know which skill a weapons gives you? Also how do you know if you have that skill?

So when i working with jumberjack, in the double axe i only can hit one side, i use Pc so can't someone use Pc help a bit ?

For the Lumberjack minigame, instead of clicking you can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard. So just press left and right arrow key at the same time for the double axe.

Btw this is actually explained when starting the mini game. ;)


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'Awesome to see progress to this cool project!

Will there be a MacOS and maybe even Linux Version available, too?

I've seen it's fairly easy to export Games in Unity to either Platform, so it'd be just logical and future-proof, if you'd offer it for all of them, too.

If you don't develop on Mac, the Mac-Versions exported from Windows-Dev-Platforms just need a slight setting of the "Execution Bit" under MacOS, because Windows doesn't "know", that MacOS .app-Files are executables and in turn doesn't mark them as such.

But that's easily fixed:

Anyway, this might not even be an issue, since you've already deployed a working MacOS Demo about a year ago (the first Demo).

Yet, it might be interesting to know for other Developers or people who run into this problem with other Games then. <3

Thank you very much Samapatti, you helped us a lot.

Can't wait for the sexy fighting.

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ooo yay a new version looking forward to the mac version as well whenever you guys get the chance to upload it im gonna play it as soon as you guys upload it! and still congrats on getting funded last year the game was amazing and cant wait for the full version of the game to be released ^^

Is there going to be an Android version?

Yea I think I'm the main page it said that there working on it.