Demo version 2.0.6 (Bugfixing)

Hello adventurers,

In this new version of the demo, you'll find the next improvements:

  • General Bugfixes (battles and minigames)
  • Adding of black bands around the screen for non 16/9 screen ratios
  • Adding of dialogues options to hide the text panel, or skip the dialogue
  • Tweaking of Orderic and Hubert games
  • We now keep in your savegame your choice of difficulty in the minigames
  • You can now skip the animations in the battles
  • Various changes in the texts in both english and french.


MAC VERSION (2.0.6) 216 MB
Mar 21, 2020
Mar 22, 2020
Mar 22, 2020

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Hello! May I ask where to download the full version of the game? (android version)

Hello GoGreenGamin, It is not available yet. The release is planned for september.


Hey guys! What about an online extension of the game too? Kinda of having the chance to both do the story and online world with the other people? v.v where you can customise your character and do messy stuff around? Please tell me you are at least considering this after you see the big sale of this offline version <3

hi, i have a problem opening the game. I cannot enter the game, when I enter it exits and I cannot enter to play ...


Uhhmm sir. In the second day at morning GHART want to come with him at the forest?? After that i see the green guy? Then.. i think im gonna do something about him beacuse GHART are drunk after that im waiting for a mission but.. its quitting i need some help... please.. fix it..

Uhhmm sir in android

That happened to me too

I really hope to have a choice of Chinese language

I'm not sure why this doesn't open after I've installed it. After clicking to open the aplication, it flashes quick loading screen with a ! (exclamation point) and it goes away. Nothing happens. Any ideas how to fix this issue?

Hello Spede. We have no idea where it could come from... please tell us your android version and phone model?

I tried downloading it to my computer. Does it work better if I use my phone?

Depending of your phone model, it could.


No linux?

The last time we tried to build a Linux version it didn't work. We gonna give another try later


Thats too bad, because the last time it did work for me.


Hum, OK. We had many complains from Linux users saying that it doesn't work... Thank you for your feedback.

Yepp, worked for me, too, back then.

Also, Linux distributions are much more diverse, so it's highly more likely, that their distribution or "flavor" missed some libraries than your game being faulty.

To circumvent that, you would probably need to create a snap-or flatpack or AppImage, which kinda include certain or all needed libraries, but would bloat up the Data, too, of course.

Linux has a pretty helpful community mostly, so I'd let them figure it out since you only got the complaints counted and I'm quite sure the ones who had it working were still the majority.

Since in the bug reports the people reporting didn't even tell their distros, desktops, kernels or any other relevant system data like it's common in the Linux Forums to be even remotely able to pinpoint the source of the problem - which, again, is highly likely to have been with their "backend"/operating system and not your game, that builds on it.

Cheers and hope you'll reconsider until launch at least. <3

Looking very much forward to it already.


This. Is. Amazing.

Thank you :)

is there more oh of it 


Hello Beastbearking, not yet until the release of the game ;)


Hello, thank you so much for the update, is there a mac version soon? 

(1 edit) (+2)

Hello Didyme, it is now online :)

Thank you so much