Hello Adventurers!

We are proud to announce that the new demo is finally online!

Here's what's new:

- Hubert's affinity dialogues are now available
- The skill revealer : unlock new battle skills to excite villagers or enemies
- An additional mini game at the training camp
- Buy butt plugs to become a greater fighter
- You can now explore the world around the village 
- A new feature allows you to jerk off in battle if your opponent reaches 75% HP before you to allow you to make a double cumshot faster
- New musics
- The game is now translated is spanish

Note that this new demo will be compatible with the version of the game which will be released on October 1st (unlike versions 2.0.6 and 2.0.7).

If you still have the old demo installed on your computer, we strongly advise you to delete your old save and start a new game to avoid bugs.

See you soon, Adventurers!


Sep 09, 2020
Sep 09, 2020
MAC OSX VERSION (Demo 3.1) 436 MB
Sep 09, 2020
WINDOWS 32bits VERSION (Demo 3.1) 396 MB
Sep 09, 2020

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I can't download the demos for some odd reason

I just got this game yesterday and love it! Good job! I am on Macintosh earlty release 4.4. I just repaired the forge and when it goes to the practice part it just displays the wood, with the three squares around the scene in the forge but it doesn't do anything and just freezes up after that. I have to force quit and then I still haven't repaired the forge. help.

so it not free?

Does choosing Versatile, Top or Bottom limit what moves you are able to learn?

It doesn't limit anything. I affects the damages you'll take in battle.

Not sure if this the right place to report, but i found a bug with a sound file that doesn't end.

- In Highwood Forrest, first section (where you can chop wood).

- Chopping wood, dueling the twink orc.

- If you 'jerkoff' and bring yourself to 75%, and that finishes the orc, it'll start playing 2 sound waves, and one of them doesn't stop until you leave game.

Loving the game so far. Keep up the awesome work!

Thank you very much for the bug report! We'll correct that for the next release :)


the new loading icon made me lose my shit i couldn't breathe

Same haha

Seems the body hair on certain characters like the axe guy changed. I noticed the innkeeper's body changed from the other demos. Will there be a consistent model for the characters, or will there be options for body hair and such? Also, will there be alternative poses for the cum scenes?

Can't seem to get it to run on Mac OS El Capitan. Have you thought of doing a web version or make a version for Mac OS 10.11 users?

Same here; my game starts up and the freezes at the point after I've slept my first night in the inn and am speaking to Hubert in the morning

Thank you, thank you! Donated just for the convenience of the save files!

As did I! Definitely a great feature in a final demo! Thank you Grizzly for that!

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:O ive been waiting for months for a release date! I'm bulging with excitement!

So if the save files will be compatible with the full game, does that mean we can download this, grind the mats and use the same mats we grinded in the full game once it's out?
Basically do the work now and have an easier time later?


Yes, this is what it means

When you mean compatible, does that mean save date will transfer over to that version of the game?


Ups, yes, exactly! 

Awesome, all the grinding for resources then wasn't a waste lol


Hello sexy devs <3! the duel with the axe throwing viking is not working in android in the new demo :(. A blank square appears instead of the viking. Could it be my device setting's?


I'm having the same issue

Thank you for your feedback, we will check that out!

Same thing.


Ok, i have to say, im in complete love with the new logging thing. Im losing my mind while laughing and in the same time trying to no give away of what im laughing so much to my family


Glad you like it x)