Early access 4.3

Hello Adventurers,

this first update will solve the following bugs:

  • A bug were the current objective "end of the demo" was not transfered correctly as "repair the forge" in the 4.2 version
  • at the begining of the game, talking to Hanth the bard breaks the game 
  • Ghart's choice menu: both buttons launches the same dialog
  • Orderic's 1st affinity dialog have 2 entries in french
  • Strip lucky: playing against Selim during the afternoon spawn the player in a black map
  • Strip lucky cards: Darks knights icons and colors all mixed up
  • Dictionnary: can't find Ghart in the dicktionnary despite having fought him
  • and several typos

We will continue to solve bugs and help you play in the best possible conditions


Oct 02, 2020
WINDOWS 32bits VERSION (4.3) 655 MB
Oct 02, 2020
Oct 02, 2020
Oct 02, 2020

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I can't take those missing underwear off my head, is it a quest or just a random poster?

Do you plan on adding in an antialiasing option in the future? I really like the game so far. I just wish the lines weren't so jaggy.

that's... actually the art style ^^'

lmao nevermind the request then :D great game! keep up the good work!

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I'm sorry, can I ask something? Is it possible to replay the affinity dialogues? I want to see some of them again cause it was really cute.

You absolutely can, go to Robin's menu (the one with the stats) go to the affinity panel, and simply click on the one you want to rewatc.

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Thank you so much for your answer, I've been trying for a while <3.

The game it's really well done, congratulations.

Thank you very much :D

After you do the first part of someones story , the other ones are locked . Any way to unlock them that i can't figure out or does this mean they are locked until the next update?


Hello Sarrowblack, you need to go forward in the story to unlock some characters affinity dialogues. Also, note the affinity dialogues are available for 7 characters in this version (Orderic, Hubert, Hanth, Gregor, Valdo, Ghart and Giant Loyd).

Oh my god thanks I was so lost , thank you for replying this quick wasn't expecting it ^^ Great game !! Good work !

No problem, have fun :)

One more thing , is it possible to replay story parts or is it a one time sequence?

you can only replay the affinity dialogues and the hot scenes :

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Hey. Thank you so much for such a wonderful game. I love it soooo much that I wanna enter the game and live there. Can't wait until the next update!!

ahahah cool. Thank you very much :D

I just wanted to say that I say the thing in the lower right corner of my game say, "New version 4.3 available". And I thinnk that's really cool that you guys implemented that. Thanks and good job

Question for Grizzly Devs.

Does 4.3 end after The Tournament? How long for the next update? December or Six months?

hi, I mean the game is great, the features are perfect, the story is magnificent, the characters are delicious.

I know it is too early to ask, but I would like to know.

do you already have a date for the final update?

(yes, i played the game all day)

Potter, Sao Paulo-brazil

For new update version do I start over  my progress of the game?

no, the only moment a restart of the game was needed, is if you want to overwrite the demo on android.

But updating the game won't erase the savefile.

Alright thanks.

Noticed some spelling/translationerrors still.

If you enter the Library and check the stats on all the characters, it says Ans (french for years) for the Wizard, Bon and Moyenne on Barto.

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So if I have V0.4.2 for Windows, how do I update it to the V0.4.3?  

just download and install :)

To download it, go to "my library"


Hi, can you tell me why does it cost 32 dollars instead of 12 dollars as you said before launching this game? I understand it's your hard work. But why do I need to buy this game also on MAC and Android, if i don't want to? I dont even have MacBook. I really want to play in it. I've been waiting for it since first demo. I'm from Ukraine, and 32 dollars is 3/4 of my month salary!

Actually you have the choice to take the game here for 32$, and for that price you will get every updates, forever. Or you can wait a little longer for our Patreon page to be online (we hope this weekend) and then you will have access to the latest current version of the game for 12$. But you won't have access to the newest content-updates :)

solo quería saber si algún día podre jugar el juego gratis completo, porque no cuento con el dinero suficiente para obtenerlo, es un gran juego solo tenia esa duda :).


Just wanna say I think that you guys are doing an amazing job! Not only with the game itself but also with engaging with the community. I played the demo, loved it and immediately bought the full version. I'm eager to see how the game and the studio develops! Keep up the amazing work guys ;-)


Thank you so much for your warm message and your support :) We think we have a great community too ^^'

if I already bought the 32 USD version. How can i get the updates? Where do i download them? ;_;

Go to my library

then click on download :)

do I have to uninstall the previous version? and if I have to... do I have to reinitiate the game?

no need to uninstall the previous version. The only exception is Android. if you want to replace the demo, you'll have to uninstall it first (and lose your save). But from 4.2 to 4.3 and next, you can just overwrite

Purchased last night, played for a bit... saved... game is in evening, and I can't get advanced to the next day (how to sleep?) I click on the bed in the Inn and nothing.  Thoughts?

you have to repair your house and use its bed.

I'm unable to sleep the 1st night, and have insufficient funds / materials to repair my house :-(  

I downloaded the game (and even paid a couple of extra bucks to support the efforts of a great demo release) played for bit... when it turned to night time, all I can do is walk around - no way to work or sleep.  There was no indication when installing the full version of anything to do with my previous DEMO progress.  Yeah, I probably talked to every character I met....  Does this mean I can't play until there is some update?  (That is disappointing - the weekend is here and I was truly looking forward to playing.

Please let me know if I can uninstall, reload, or something else in order to play.  Thank you... BearCub (Dave)

Hello BearCubRI.

Yes that is an issue we found in v4.2 that was fixed in 4.3. During the first day, there were 2 ways of softlocking the game.

Unfortunately, the only way to solve the issue is to erase the save and start anew.

(by skipping all the dialogues, it should take 10 minutes max to go back to the house repair)

Thank you for the response.  I've loaded 4.3 and I'm IN :-)  Fun to start form the beginning, since it has been months since the DEMO.  Fantastic job on the full release (I'm really enjoying myself).  Keep up the good work, and stay safe and well(cum) :-)  BearCub

no mac 4.3?


it's coming. Just the builds on mac are taking forever...