Hello Adventurers!

The coming update will be released June 10th, 2021

It will contain :

  • The twins' and Zack's affinity dialogues.
  • 2 new side quests.
  • The Music box will be unlockable  in your house (side quest reward). It will allow you to listen the musics of the game and change the music that plays into your house.
  • The Book of memories will be unlockable in your house (side quest reward). It's a book containing all the affinity illustrations of the game.
  • A text mode has been added in the sniffing gallery to rewatch the scene with the text.
  • New secondary dialogues between the villagers.
  • Various improvements.

Our planning on Trello: https://trello.com/b/8W9hyU6X/rma-roadmap

See you soon, Adventurers!

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How do you get the new side quests and see the twins new affinity? Before the update id done everything you could do, so it doesn't mention any new quests and the twins are still locked (after updating).


Hello, The update will be released tomorrow.

You'll find the new quest direclty in your map, and afor the affinity, they will be unlocked, so you'll be able to increase it simply by playing with the new characters.

I know this is a late response, but after I updated the game I only get 2 text messages to respond to them with.  "What can I do to pass the time?", and how do I enter the castle?". I see no "work option, etc.". I guess I'm confused about how exactly we interact more with the twins since it shows the 2 hearts, underwear and then the lock.

Hello Dvisar, the twins are only available after you've done Beton's tournament.

Ah gotcha thanks. Just got the miner I guess I'm kinda behind for them haha.

I’m all the way at the end of the story for the current version and I still haven’t found Zack. Can I get a hint to help me find him?

You meet him when you infiltrate the castle (juste before meeting Grant), from then, you unlock a new side quest "repair the bakery". Once done, you can hook up with Zack

I believe I already infiltrated the castle. I even got Grants Combat Briefs.  I think I did everything I can do in the castle in this version. Unless I need to do the royal tournament a third time?

no no, you now have to repair the bakery. Right next to your house.

I don’t have an option to fix the bakery. I’ve never met Zack in the castle even when I did everything I think I can in the castle 

Is this the "new version" of 25 May, available to $10 Patrons on Patreon? I'm just asking, because I bought the game on itch.io, when it first came out and therefore only support the $3 tier there. I would be a bit unhappy about a delay, just because I am not a $10/month supporter ON TOP OF having spent the $32 for the early release version.

Hello, If you got the game on itch, don't worry, you'll have the update for free on June 10th.

Though I don't know what you mean with "a new version of 25 May" 🤔

The updates are released at the same time for the itch and the Patreon version.


Interesting Trello-Background 😜 and so excited for the new content. 🥒💦


ahah Thanks, we thought it was the best suited for the game :p


love the text box idea, itll def be a welcome addition ;)

Might play this again, it was super hot and funny.

Jazzed for the updates.


So exciting, i think one of the side quest is the missing underwear :D