Early access 7.0

Hello Adventurers,

Here we come with a new version of the game! Here's what's new in it:

  • The Twins' and Zack's affinity dialogues.
  • 2 new side quests, Available at Rulius' and Arthur's.
  • The Music box will be unlockable  in your house (side quest reward). It will allow you to listen the musics of the game and change the music that plays into your house.
  • The Book of memories will be unlockable in your house (side quest reward). It's a book containing all the affinity illustrations of the game.
  • text mode has been added in the sniffing gallery to rewatch the scene with the text.
  • New memory dialogues for Ghart, Hubert, Horace, Valdo, the twins, and Zack.
  • new beer is now available at the tavern. It will allow you to rewatch the memory dialogues you've unlocked.
  • The new lighting system is now implemented in every Background
  • Various improvements.

Number of memory dialogues that can be unlocked, depending of the villager you are working with:

Ghart: 4, Giant Loyd: 4, Grant: 1, Gregor: 4, Hanth: 5, Horace: 4, Hubert: 3, Orderic: 4, the Twins: 4, Valdo: 3, Zack: 4.


Jun 10, 2021
Jun 10, 2021
Jun 10, 2021

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hey idol, pls fix the android version 7.1, the Twins 3rd affinity bar was ok at first, but the sex scene went out black right after the life talk of the twin where the player got erection

Hey, noticed theres no windows 32bit version for the 7.x version?

I have a problem with the library's underwear, it appears in black and when I press it nothing happens and in the fighting when you reach the second color of the bar and choose a movement it gets stuck for 2 seconds

I just noticed in Gregor's affinity scene 2/3, in the beginning the bed is missing and both characters are floating above the floor.

Thank you for the information, it will be fixed in 0.7.1


Hello, I noticed a few map underwear scenes that got me stuck(The scene will play but when I click the close button it will not work.) So far I was stuck once in the alley in the morning(with hanth) and the one in gregor's room. If I notice more I will report later.

Thank you for the feedback! 

indeed, the hidden underwears locks the game. it will be fixed in v0.7.1

Thanks I also notice the morning scene in the barrack's changing room is bugged too.(if you click the underwear it shows you a blank scene.)