Early access 7.3

Hello Adventurers,

This update will solve the following bugs:

  • An account couldn't be created in the cloud save system if the email adress was too long.
  • Some Character labials weren't displayed in the correct quality
  • The twins favorite underwear wasn't displayed correctly in the hotscene gallery
  • A memory dialogue with Zack didn't display it's background
  • Getting the last furniture at Rafaelo's restarted the memory book quest


Jun 12, 2021
WINDOWS 32bits VERSION (7.3) 759 MB
Jun 12, 2021
Jun 12, 2021
Jun 12, 2021

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Just updated to the latest version on Android, and the battle is now extremely slow and laggy. Not sure what happened because in the previous update it worked perfectly. Just wanted to let you guys know my findings

i found a glitch .orderic's "what up" conversation is missing

also some dicktionary locations display wrong

Thank you! It will be solved in v0.7.4!


i cant seem to get this update to launch

Im using mac

solved it! i had to force quit on disk images_helper in the activity monitor

Hello, Sorry I just saw your messages. What was happening exactly? Maybe it can help other people having this kind of issue.

can i make a suggestion hope you see it.in my opinion it would be nice if there was a system that told us we got all the memory dialogues and beer stories.

Also can i get a hint on the 23rd scroll i searched everywhere


Hello asusred13, thank you for your good suggestion. The 23rd scroll is not available yet.

Ah I can't find the 12th scroll.

try at the barrels at liam's tavern at night

* Getting the last furniture at Rafaelo's restarted the memory book quest.

Ah, so that's what it was!

Seems like there's a bit of a lag or something during battles now, clicking when the icons are in the zone and moves failing (even early on in some of the easier duels I've never had a problem with before)


Try lowering the quality or disabling the lighting effects. If you are using PC, use your dedicated GPU.