Early access 8.0

Hello Adventurers,

Here we come with a new version of the game! Here's what's new in it:

  • General Grant and Astaroth's affinity dialogues.
  • 3 new underwears to collect.
  • Rework of the random system in the strip lucky (in favor of the player)
  • 3 new maps in the glory dungeon
  • New easter eggs linked to the new affinities
  • The day change cutscenes are now skippable
  • An option now allows you to change the text speed in the dialogues
  • The strip lucky game will now remember the last used cards
  • In the cloud save system, it is now mandatory to create an account with an email address
  • Various improvements

Number of memory dialogues that can be unlocked, depending of the villager you are working with:

Astaroth: 4, Ghart: 4, Giant Loyd: 4, Grant: 4, Gregor: 4, Hanth: 5, Horace: 4, Hubert: 3, Orderic: 4, the Twins: 4, Valdo: 3, Zack: 4.


Aug 21, 2021
WINDOWS 32bits VERSION (8.0) 701 MB
Aug 21, 2021
Aug 21, 2021
MAC OSX VERSION (Apple Silicon 8.0) 721 MB
Aug 21, 2021
MAC OSX VERSION (Intel 8.0) 723 MB
Aug 21, 2021

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I have won the tournament several times but nothing happens. Aren't you supposed to be brought to the king after winning? Please tell me how to progress through the story!

Hello Zadeblood, what is your current main quest objective?

That's the strange part, I don't have a main quest objective. I've been regularly updating the game but it seems to have glitched.  

maybe send un an email at grizzlygamerstudio@gmail.com

Maybe we can fix your save thanks to the cloud save system.

I decided to just start a new game. My other game was honestly ancient, so it's no surprise it was having problems. Already, I'm seeing a bunch of content I had never seen before on my new game! I am a bit sad that I lost all my hard work, but it's been fun redoing missions.


Wait so how do we save our file if we aren't using the cloud save? and we want to update? Copy a specific folder?


if you're playing on PC or Mac, you don't have to worry, your save won't move when you uninstall or update the game.

On Android though, here are the instructions: 

Android (how to keep your save file)

  • About the Android version, unfortunately, the fix we had made to make sure the update would work isn't working for everybody. 
  • So to make sure you keep you save file, you'll have to manually backup it. 
  • To do that, you'll have to use a file explorer, and find your saves in /Android/data/com.GrizzlyGamer.RMAWhellcum 
  • Copy everything that's in there and paste it somewhere else, In your download folder for exemple. 
  • Uninstall the game, and install the update. 
  • Now you can copy all the files you backuped earlier, and copy them in the save folder: /Android/data/com.GrizzlyGamer.RMAWhellcum

So of course, it's simple to use the cloud save system.

Who are the three with new underwear?


Astaroth, General Grant and Rulius.


So I'm curious if I'm doing something wrong, but the log says that Zack and a few others have 4 memory dialogs, does that mean 4 affinity scenes? Or is that something different


Memory logs are random scenes appear whenever you work with an NPC with an affinity. they are not related to affinity progress. They begin with a cloudy background to indicate that they are a memory log

Is there any way to see which ones/how many we have seen?


Is the Horace Clone shop in this update somewhere? I saw some mention of it in-game but haven't seen it yet.

Hello, the shop has been cancelled for now.


Awe okay, well the update is awesome so far!! Enjoying it a lot


Glad you like it :)