Early access 9.4

Hello Adventurers,

This update will solve the following bugs:

  • The 2 new characters now have custom battle texts
  • Arthur Affinity had no sound
  • Fixed background issue in some affinity dialogues
  • Scrolls caused battles to freeze if no equipment were set
  • Placing an equipment piece in the chest at home caused the scroll effect to be removed.
  • in battles the cost of an attack would sometime not appear
  • Quest items descriptions couldn't be seen
  • #ERROR! was written in the battle menus

We've also:

  • Rebalanced the rewards in solitude mountain
  • Added a new post Solitude background at the inn
  • Added a new scroll, that increase by 15% the amount of coin won in a duel
  • Buying scrolls is now limited to inventory capacity


WINDOWS 32bits VERSION (9.4) 766 MB
Dec 02, 2021
Dec 02, 2021
MAC OSX VERSION (Intel 9.4) 803 MB
Dec 02, 2021
MAC OSX VERSION (Apple Silicon 9.4) 801 MB
Dec 02, 2021
Dec 02, 2021

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Where is the secret thing I need for the secret quest? I'm tired of looking. 


Please help, my items and equipments in the save data has gone...

Sorry about that, please send us an email at grizzlygamerstudio@gmail.com

I should be able to fix that.

Also, from which version did you updated?

I was playing 9.2 version while downloading 9.4 tho


Aw man, was looking forward to dodoro being romance-able. Still, a great little secret quest to an already great game!

I seem to miss a KEY ingredient. Any tips where to look for it?

A certain scarecrow that requires treats from a home in the land of feasts. Where the beast would sleep, lies what you seek.

If I understood your hint correctly I am not at the point yet. I literally am in need of the key to get the lens remover. Although your hint was really epic. Thanks for that.

i have the key but where do i use it?

At the witching hour in the darkest dungeon where the smell of ammoniac permeates the air is the place to be.