Early access 9.13

Hello Adventurers,

This update will change the following :

  • Once you have Barto's boots, you will be able to quickly return to the worldmap when moving around Helgem
  • You can now collect underwears in the background and sniff them in the reworked Sniffing gallery
  • 3 new underwears can be found in the backgrounds
  • Achievements are now included. A fix will be made later to unlock achievements that were already completed
  • A few assets were reworked
  • A pause was added after the battle against the dark knight after repairing the forge
  • Some Strip lucky cards values were modified

It will also solve the following bug:

  • Cockring or buttplugs could dissapear when using community translations


Jan 23, 2022
WINDOWS 32bits VERSION (9.13) 834 MB
Jan 23, 2022
Jan 23, 2022
MAC OSX VERSION (Apple Silicon 9.13) 871 MB
Jan 23, 2022
MAC OSX VERSION (Intel 9.13) 874 MB
Jan 23, 2022

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where i can find giant 2nd snifter and astaroth 2nd snifter

when will this game come out on steam. i can't wait for it to come out

Anyone knows where to find the second of gregor? 

In his room/bed in the afternoon.

I can't find the Giant's 2nd sniffet nor the Twins' 1st one. Any help pls?

Giant : white rain evening

Twin : rusted valley morning

Anyone knows where to find the third of the twins', and the second of Astaroth's?;(

The second Astaroth is during the day in the glory dungeon. no clue on the third twins though

The third of the twins is near Beton's tent in the afternoon

Thank you so much, roydj and rbanvill!!  XOXO

Can't believe I missed it.

OMG, it's so small. haha. Thanks

Deleted 310 days ago

Anyone know where the bottom right sniffet is found?

Hello. It should be to the King's statue at PM.

Thanks! :D

how do I actually update the game?

You have to re-download it again.

I can't seem to find giant Lloyd's 2nd sniffets underwear, anyone know where it is?


those are in the second area of whiterain


I can smell steam achievements :p

I just hope there's stuff for the points shop...