Early access 10.0

Hello Adventurers!

Here is what you will find in the new version:

  • End of the main scenario
  • A new underwear to sniff
  • Ending of 13 characters
  • Changes and polishing of Ghart, Giant Loyd, Hanth, Gregor, Orderic, Valdo and Hubert's affinity dialogues, including the addition of some multiple choice options
  • Overall improvement of the sound of the moaning and new voices for Giant Loyd and Liam
  • Polishing of some hot scenes
  • Adding some keyboard shortcut to access menu (can be changed in the option menu)
  • A secret ending

Good game !

Grizzly team


May 02, 2022
WINDOWS 32bits VERSION (10.0) 829 MB
May 02, 2022
May 02, 2022
MAC OSX VERSION (Apple Silicon 10.0) 853 MB
May 02, 2022
MAC OSX VERSION (Intel 10.0) 855 MB
May 02, 2022

Get Robin Morningwood Adventure - Gay bara RPG

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can you make this game free please

I love you guys <3

Where can i find the last Sniffets of the Twins and the Giant?


Hello, check this out, I'm sure you'll find what you are looking for :)


Thank you. :)


I suggest to keep a few accessories of the characters to make them look sexier, and more attractive, like a tie, a cape, or a belt, anything would do, it's just a visual change nothing much, Thank you much obliged!

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Horace's ending was so bittersweet! It was great, but sad, and it just wrecked me! I love this update though. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Are the 13 endings of characters the 4th locked slot of their affinity? Mine are still locked...maybe I need to advance the story more first? Thank you for the fun and unique game! I hope you make more in the future!


Hello, yes you are correct, it's the 4rth slot, but you first need to finish the main story to be able to interact with it.

Hi, is the King available in the main story now? I thought that was getting completed later on.

I completed the story up until fighting Dodoro but still seeing the 4th slots locked. Do I have to beat Dodoro as well? If so, I'm screwed....

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Hey how do I fight the king? I go to the throne room and I get nothing. I've already beaten the dark knights btw.

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did you find out how to fight the king? I played and nothing happens

Nope still got nothin. People have been telling me that I have a broken save but I really don't want to start all over again.


$32 is just way too much for a relatively 'low end' game.

I don't have a problem with paying for games and such, but not for a price that is around what you could potentially spend on a game with 50+ hours' gameplay, for a smut game...


Hello AndrooUK,  we are sorry that you felt desapointed with the endings. We will add additionnal content later with the King's story and a new mini game!

Can you please tell us the names of the smut games with 50+ of hours of gameplay that you played? We sincerely want to try them since we are still looking for new kind of game experience in the smut genre ;)


Hi please do not feel upset of this ignorant comment. You guys did a great job of this game and I followed the whole journey. This game always has a place in my heart.(It is like a Lewd Professor Layton and I like it a lot.) If there are people who are upset at the current pricing, you guys can always run a sale after the whole game is completed.  The endings are all sweet and warm. However I hoped that there would be some kind of so called "Score Sex" with all of them as that's just the way in the Wellcum!

You guys are no way near "low end" and keep up the good work! Not all game is about perfect drawn well proportion guys in dead fish position. Your world of wellcum sells to me!


Hello Marukoushi, thank you very much! Professor Layton and the curious village has been a part of the inspiration for the creation of this game and we are glad some players noticed it ^^


Yeesh, if you can't afford to buy the game then don't. Artists and developers need to get paid for months of work. Just because its smut doesn't mean they shouldn't get proper payment, and the game has quite a bit of gameplay to back that up.


For the record, and I have said this before, I LOVE Robin Morningwood.  Maybe AndrooUK shares the same sentiment that I do in that it leaves us wanting more, and sometimes the wait for the next stories and games can be a bit frustrating.  Nevertheless, I do enjoy Robin Morningwood, and I hope you get the King's story (and that of the new blond guy) onboard real soon!

(Oh, and why do I feel that there's more to Dodoro's story, too?)


$32 for a top-notch gay sex game is fine. 99% of the gay sex games aren't even up to par in terms of animations, story, etc

Stop complaining. If you play this game as intended, it should take a good amount of time to enjoy the game for what it is.

I moved my game from the laptop to the PC (I copied and pasted from AppData) but my sniffing gallery is empty now

Do you have multiple game save? I encountered this before what I did was I delete one of the less progressed save and the gallery show up again. If you do not have more saves try open a new game save and delete it and see.

i just wish the autosave for the ending is still asked :/ too bad I really wanna see how I lose with the king :/

Hello DaevidKing, you will be able to see a part of the king's fight with a flashback in the the 1.0 version ;)

Hey, will we have access to Bandit's Lair in the next version?  Right now I can't loot it for that achievement...

Hello RodIsAGamer, it should be fixed now :)

Okay, cool, thanks!  Will check it out later tonight.  :-)




Any hints as to the secret ending?


I would like to know as well..


Hi I would like to report a few things I encounter so far:

-Beton's Ending has display issue, no text no CG.

-The endings in the memory book in Robin's house did not unlock after seeing them. 


Minor visual bug: Main menu says 'new version available 10.0' even though it's running 10.0.

Looking forward to finishing the routes :)