Final version's release date!

Hello adventurers!

It's official! We are very happy to announce that the final game will be released on September 30th

This final version will contain:

  • A new mini game
  • The affinity dialogues with the king and his ending
  • A popularity system based on your number of underwear
  • 3 new underwear
  • New scenery in the castle
  • The last music scrolls and Striplucky cards 
  • The possibility to unlock all the latest achievements
  • All the dialogues of the game will be corrected/polished
  • A polish of some animations, background and mini games
  • A NEW GAME+ mode

See you soon!

Grizzly team

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So is the game going to be free on the 30th?


Would you guys create more games after this?


Yes absolutely. We are already thinking about our next game :)


That's great news! Tried your other game Terry and the Cold Pizza wished it had scene with his boss Pedro. Anyways, I hope you guys came up better than that. Always remember, take a vacation too and just relax sometime. Can't wait for your other game!

Cuando en español?


will there be a polish translation?


I'm sorry but no, localizations are not planned for the moment.


Will there be a Portuguese-br translation?

I'm sorry but no, localizations are not planned for the moment.

Oi, vc tem acesso a ultima atualizaçao do jogo?

Deleted 6 days ago

is the version on steam gonna update itself when i buy it?

yes absolutely :)


I only want the android version. How can i buy it without including the other versions?


Hello Erobuns, you can't buy exclusively the android version, we are sorry

Awww. Thank you for the response btw😔

You could always just only download the android version of the game. 

The other versions for the different platforms should remain available if you ever want to play them.

Ohhh, ok. thank you!


Really excited about this final version. Can't wait! But also I'm kinda sad it will end there. Hope you guys decide to continue making more games like this, specially some kind of spin-off to this story.


j'ai tellement hâte. j'espère qu'il y aura plein de belles surprises. en espérant aussi une dvd et plein d'objets officiels. peut être à l'avenir d'autres extensions avec de nouveaux lieux à découvrir ou une suite robin 2. En tout cas, nous vous remercions pour ce jeu exceptionnel qui est déjà une très très belle réussite. 


This is good news!  Like everyone else I've enjoyed playing Robin Morningwood, and I'm so excited you guys finally finished the second part of the game!  Can't wait for September 30th!  Thanks a lot!


I have absolutely loved this game and am so excited for the final version! Thank you for your dedication, your hard work, and for sharing your artistry with us. You should be very proud of the product you've created. I look forward to the conclusion of this work and to seeing your future works.


You guys should be nominated for indie game of the year. You truly are a dedicated fellas. Love you 🥰🥰


It's been such a hot game, looking forward to you guys work in the future, keep it up :)


I'm looking forward to wait you going working on For other projects in the future After this 🥰❤️❤️

And this game it's so match fun 😍🤭

I'm currently enjoying the game Right now and am looking forward to the Final update 😆😘🤭🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️💕


Interesting, looking forward to it :) this game has been great, and it's been fun to follow the development.

Are you planning on pivoting to developing your next game when you're done with this?


Hello and thank you!

We have to work on a very last additionnal character (Beryllus), so we can continue develop our next game :)


You may have said it elsewhere, but if we didn't back the project, is there any way to get Beryllus?


Yeah, we plan to release it as a DLC :)