Final version 1.0

Hello Adventurers!

We are happy to announce that the full version of the game is finally available! 

As you may know, this final version contains:

  • new mini game
  • The affinity dialogues with the king and his ending
  • popularity system based on your number of underwear
  • 3 new underwear
  • New scenery in the castle
  • The last music scrolls and Striplucky cards 
  • A new scroll
  • The possibility to unlock all the latest achievements
  • All the dialogues of the game have been corrected/polished
  • polish of some animations, UI,  background, sound design and mini games
  • rebalance of the whole game
  • NEW GAME+ mode

We are both excited and scared about this release. We've spent the last few months rebalancing and polishing the game as much as possible. We hope the final result will live up to your expectations!

Good game!

The Grizzly Team


Sep 30, 2022
WINDOWS 32bits VERSION (1.0) 1 GB
Sep 30, 2022
Sep 30, 2022
MAC OSX VERSION (Apple Silicon 1.0) 1 GB
Sep 30, 2022
Sep 30, 2022

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Whats the new game mode i couldn't find it

I think im missing smthg. I could only Work, Duel n Triplyck with the king once. Could anybody help me with this issue?

Have you tried coming back the next morning?


I got the early access game, do I have to buy the full version or can I update my current version?

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Check your library. You should see the full version when you click the "Download" button

This is going to sound very weird, but is the second King event supposed to have all the choices in french?

Congrats on the full release! I actually bought the game (without knowing of the final version) earlier this week, and this is one of the best adult games I've played. Looking forward to your future projects!

Thank you so much for this incredible game!

Thank you so much for creating such an astonishing game😍, and please take your time😚. Also, please continue this game🥺, devs. Terry pizza☺️

Hope you guys carry on your work and keep us updated on new games. Need more Bara stuff out there.

I have bought the game, but when I try to download the new version nothing happens. Please advise. Thanks

Go to 'My library' in you account and try download there. Hope that helps

j'aimerai savoir si il sera possible d'acheter une extension comprenant Berillus.. 

Bonjour, oui nous comptons le sortir en DLC d'ici la fin d'année.

HELP i accidentally started the + game on my main file and now i lost it all theres a way to get it back

Unfortunately, when you start a new game +, it erases the previous save. I can't do anything about it, but I'll add a failsafe in the next version. to have a backup in the files.

wish it doesnt have final version .99999999999 again.


I'm so excited to try this out! Congrats on making such an awesome game


thank you very much! I hope you'll love it :D

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I have an odd situation, I tried to continue but I could only use each task (work, fight, strip lucky) with the king once. Now I am stuck, I even let a day pass but no change.

Nevermind A few more rests and now it works as intended.

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