Final version 1.0.6

Hello Adventurers,

This update will change the following :

  • Fix an issue with dialogues. Sometimes, the text would not display.


Oct 22, 2022
WINDOWS 32bits VERSION (1.0.6) 1 GB
Oct 22, 2022
Oct 22, 2022
MAC OSX VERSION (Apple Silicon 1.0.6) 1 GB
Oct 22, 2022
MAC OSX VERSION (Intel 1.0.6) 1 GB
Oct 22, 2022

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I officially collected all strip lucky cards but I'm still stuck at collecting all music scrolls. Will there be a final release of all guides on collecting sniffets, music scrolls & strip lucky cards?

is the final version going to be out on steam

It already is!

I don't know if it's just me, but since the final version, everytime i open the game it'll just open in the minimun resolution, it doesnt matter what i choose, when i close and reopen the game, it'll open with the minimun.

Anyone else has this problem? :/

Sorry about that, it's the first time we encounter such an issue.

if that's possible for you, can you send us the 2 log files located in this folder: "%appdata%/../LocalLow/GrizzlyGamerStudio/Robin Morningwood Adventure"

They are called "Player.log" and "Player-prev.log"

you can send them at this email:

Please also tell us on what device you're playing.

ajout d'un nouvel objectif ??? mais je ne l'ai pas trouvé. 

c'est un faux objectif. une fois que tout le contenu du jeu est terminé, on affiche un "nouvel objectif" qui est juste de prendre du plaisir ^^'

merci beaucoup toujours aussi fan. vivement le dlc de fin d'année. 


I'm confused with the new quest once i got all the endings, what do i supposed to do??


Nothing, just enjoy yourself with all the hotscenes you've unlocked :)