Final version 1.0.7

Hello Adventurers,

This update will change the following :

  • Fixed the hotscene gallery, where the navigation panel would stay active while watching sniffets
  • Using Community translations, a missing text will be replaced by the english version
  • Android: Horace had lost his genitals in the cumming animation


Nov 05, 2022
WINDOWS 32bits VERSION (1.0.7) 1 GB
Nov 05, 2022
Nov 05, 2022
MAC OSX VERSION (Apple Silicon 1.0.7) 1 GB
Nov 05, 2022
MAC OSX VERSION (Intel 1.0.7) 1 GB
Nov 05, 2022

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Hello. You can start by going to the Horace's house and click on the dog house.

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Haven't played this in almost a year, so I forgot how to update? using pc;

nevermind. I found an old comment that said, "if you're playing on pc or mac you don't have to worry your save won't move when you uninstall or update the game"; looks like only android has to keep the save file manually

Already have all the characters unlocked, I'm waiting for the two new characters, but it said available on DLC.  What does that mean?

We are currently developing a DLC with 3 new characters that will be available this year.

do you have to buy this game if you want to complete the "declare your love to villager" mission? or demo also can

Sorry for the very late answer. You have to play the complete game to unlock the endings with the villagers.

How do we get the last locked scene for the characters? How do we unlock it?


In the endgame, you'll be able to confess your love to the villagers. But first, you have to save the village!

From the dragon or the king?  Or are both required?


you just have to save the king. the dragon is a side quest.

Alright thanks