Final version 1.1.3

Hello Adventurers,

This update fixes a bug regarding Giant Loyd's last remembeer that wouldn't start and caused the game to crash.


Sep 10, 2023
WINDOWS 32bits VERSION (1.1.3) 1 GB
Sep 10, 2023
Sep 10, 2023
MAC OSX VERSION (Apple Silicon 1.1.3) 1 GB
Sep 10, 2023
MAC OSX VERSION (Intel 1.1.3) 1 GB
Sep 10, 2023

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how do I get the update? don't see how to download the apple silicon version 



I am disappointed with the lack of assistance from Grizzly. I bought the game on Steam, all my game progress disappeared. I was unable to resolve it on the Steam platform. I sent a detailed email to Grizzly Developers, no one responded. I tried to contact me on Twitter and no one responded either. I'm very upset about this.


Hello, I'm sorry we didn't answer sooner, I couldn't find your email. We receive so much junk mail, maybe it got lost with them.

Anyway, Maybe I can assist you. You were playing on Steam? In that case, Steam should handle the saves. If it destroyed them, I'm not sure we can recover them. But I could recreate you a fresh save up to the point you were in the game. Just let me know how far you were.

If you could contact us at I'll let you know on the details on how we can proceed.

Question to update do i need to pay again? it asking me to pay again

Hello, you should be able to find the lastest version in your library:

I bought the game but can't get the latest version



Please check the link below on how to download the updates. You should be able to get the latest version there.

cant download in the library

Hola buenas como se actualiza el juego ?


Hey, the download page for updates only has up to 1.1.0