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This game contains gay NSFW content not suitable for children.

Welcome to the city of Blurville! A sleepy town in Canada and home to Terry, a clumsy young pizza delivery guy with a knack for finding himself in the most impossible situations!

Terry's hung up on his manager, Pedro, but it doesn't really seem mutual because Terry is always a total disaster at work...

He lives with Kro, a lazy orc who spends his days on the couch playing video games, drinking beer, and jerking off. Kro is also a drummer in a local band that plays cheesy music.

Rick, their neighbor, is a recently divorced dad who is secretly in love with Terry, but still hasn't accepted his attraction to other men.

Terry also has a strange little adopted kitty named Node...

Who's gonna capture Terry's heart?

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StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(241 total ratings)
AuthorGrizzly Gamer Studio
GenreVisual Novel
TagsBara, Gay, LGBT, NSFW, Queer
Average sessionA few minutes


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TerryAndTheColdPizza-Demo-V1.0-pc.zip 61 MB
TerryAndTheColdPizza-Demo-V1.0-mac.zip 43 MB
com.grizzlygamer.terry-1-universal-release.apk 66 MB

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Very much looking forward to more work on this one. Robin Morningwood is a masterpiece so this has a lot of potential


its been 3 Years and still no update hope that the Robin morning wood would finish soon!


robin morningwood is finished. it is available to buy full game on steam


forever patiently waiting. 


cant believe there is still 0 updates for this


My pizza is cold damnit.


Is there gonna be any update for this game anytime soon? :( I really wish they finish this game


I really want this game :( I wish he came true 


We really need an update for this lol


Hi folks, will there be new versions of this really cool Gayme?


We think so, but we don't know when!


Que ganas de jugarlo.


Hi, with Robin Morningwood being finished, do you have an idea if and when work on this game will be picked up again?
Very much looking forward to new updates.

LOL I love how it hasnt even been a month yet. And I'm foaming at the mouth over this!!! ^v^


Hello. We are working on a Robin Morningwood Adventure DLC for now, so we can't really tell.


Hopefully after that ;) Robin is great so far, so looking forward to everything that comes next.

I very like this game.

espero que esse jogo termine :(


i hope this game gets finished :(

Deleted 178 days ago

The team has been working on another game for now.


vraiment tres bien, le style est plutot mignon niveau dessin et perso j'apprecie beaucoup,

un des bon coté, bien que se soit un critère facultatif, c'est que le francais est disponible
je peut m'en passer mais c'est toujours un plus pour les francophone 

je vais rester a l'affut de la moindre mise a jour
jai hate de voir ce jeu terminé 


i'm excited to see what how the game gonna be good, if he go high like Robin, i buy it without question :)


Same! I'm so excited for this one.


i think they finished Robin Morningwood before go full on Terry


is this ongoing?

To my knowledge yes, but they are finishing another project first.

Bonne surprise le jeu qui est aussi dispo en français

10/10 la qualité est présente


this story  Is really good please make more 🙏


Cheer up!

i love robininthemorningwood

and also love all of ur drawing style

i think robin will be completed soon

so i expect about this game

thank you!


If possible we all hope that u get the chance to continue this but if not thats totally fine


I hope this gets to finish, I really liked Kro, a nice gust of fresh air in the morning...okay I'll be honest, he's a tornado...still love him


I hope you continue development on this game, Pedro is one hot daddy woof.


rip the development to this game yikes 


Nope, they're just focusing on their other game at the moment



Paused. For the moment, we are working on Robin Morningwood adventure, and we will start the development of Terry after that.

Oh. Ok take your time oh. and you other game is really amazing just wanted to let you know  


Thank you very much :D


Very much enjoyed the demo and hope that one day I can play the full game!


Will this game be free? ^ ^

Will production ever continue?


It's possible once Robin's development is finished. (but no promises ^^' )


I sincerely hope that you will decide to continue development of Terry. Love the esthetic even more than one in RMW. Characters are so charming. Definitely will buy the full game xD Anyway thanks for your work, very entertaining.   


I woNT download full wersion not demo. whwr can i do this? 

Hello Flener, the full version is not available.

That's when the full version will be available, because so far there is probably only a demo

Yes, we stopped the production of this game for now actually.


sad i waiting for full version now

Hey, I downloaded the file, extracted it and tried to start the program ... but the screen goes blank and doesn't work. How do I solve it?

How do i put my game in english?


Quick question. After Robin Morningwood is finished, do you think it will take as long to finish this, or is it shorter?


If we work on Terry after Robin, it will definitively take less time to create than Robin.


Love it - hope to see more of it after RMA is released


Awesome game! When would it be released?


magnifico!!  ( 0//w//0 )


Fun and sexy demo. Particularly like the attention to detail during the 'scene' with your room-mate!


When's the next update?


Nothing planned yet. We are currently working on Robin Morningwood Adventure.

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