Final version 1.0.4

Hello Adventurers,

This update will change the following :

  • Fix an issue with Horace's cumming animation
  • an issue that could occur when creating a new game +

The first time you will start this update, you will have to reconnect to your cloud save account. This is because of an issue that happened with the cloud save system in 1.0.3

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.


Oct 02, 2022
WINDOWS 32bits VERSION (1.0.4) 1 GB
Oct 02, 2022
Oct 02, 2022
MAC OSX VERSION (Apple Silicon 1.0.4) 1 GB
Oct 02, 2022
MAC OSX VERSION (Intel 1.0.4) 1 GB
Oct 02, 2022

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S, new to this and i must have downloaded the wrong version to applications.  Says "this application not supported on this mac.  Help

Hello, you can download the lastest version here:

I also have a question how do you get to the dragon quest I’ve already unlocked everyone’s ending including the kings can someone help me lol

One question, is the dragon a one time thing or his he a possible lover?

(1 edit)

It took almost 4yrs to finish this masterpiece�😳